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Highness Holding was formed in 2016 with a vision to be the address company in providing unique and innovative Architecture and Interior design consultancy services and creating solutions to the target businesses lead by brilliant ideas and manage iconic projects around the globe.

Since, we have evolved to be an active key player through partnership and association with like-minded companies and individuals.

As part of our corporate social responsibility and our commitment to sustainable growth, we have been supporting start-ups in a number of ways, including incubating and hosting businesses and ideas with a passion to Qatar market. Our business structure and setup, caters for all the needs, supports and connection for a guaranteed success under the same roof.


Highness Holding intends to be a pioneer and the address company in providing tailor-made consultancy service solutions to like-minded partners, in the region and the world. This company is determined to be recognized as the most committed company regarding the responsible execution of projects by utilizing advanced technology, integrating to the society and utilizing best in class expertise.


Highness Holding intends to provide the best-in-class design solution by carefully hand-picking the rewarding and forward-looking projects with inherent sustainability to make our planet a better place to live. To achieve this, we focus to build the A-team, hire the best-in-class designers, provide supervision and support of our specialized departments and relying on the power, knowledge and competence of specialized manpower who utilize the best and latest knowledge.


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Highness Architecture Engineering and Interior is a genuine leader & a prominent name within the fields of architecture & interior design, specializing in five star hotels, public buildings, private residences & palaces. Our aim as a company is to deliver creative & authentic designs to our clients, while ensuring that we utilize the best standards & practices within our fields. In 2000, we further expanded our geographical representation to cover the Middle East region & Europe, delivering Highness's design concepts in harmony with the local environmental requirements & exceeding our clients’ expectations. Since our expansion, we have successfully garnered mass recognition within our markets and we hope to further extend our reach by accruing worldwide clientele through our excellence, distinctive and innovative designs, and high quality standards.

The Highness family consists of skilled personnel with a dedicated team of award-winning designers, that use the latest state-of-the-art software & methods to create inspiring designs that are perfectly in harmony with the local environment. We approach each project with the client in mind throughout the entire experience of designing, up to the very last moment of delivery, to ensure each of our projects are personalized & finely attuned to the needs of the client. At Highness Architecture Engineering and Interior, we cater our transcendent designs to make your spaces a reality, because your satisfaction is in the essence of everything we do

Architect Sumaia Hamcho
100+ Commercial
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22+ Hospitality
22+ Public Buildings & Residential