Lusail Island P3 – a Thai inspired resort

The Lusail Island which is located on the East Coast Center of Qatar just North of the Capital City of Doha. The Island area is depending on the dredging work progress and the amount of spoil taken from the channel but preliminary estimated area for the Island. The Development of this Resort Island includes Four (4) Island:

  • Lusail Island P3-A: 150,000 m2
  • Lusail Island P3-B: 90,000 m2
  • Lusail Island P3-C: 90,000 m2
  • Lusail Island P3-D: 90,000 m2

The aim of this proposed project is to build an island inspired by the rich culture of Thailand. This unique design show the excellent craftmanship of Highness when it comes to architectural design and masterplan. Highness successfully finished the whole pre-concept design which was submitted to the Private Client and still under review.