Ithaafushi Island – It’s Beauty and Promise

This full architectural & engineering design project was awarded to HEC to fulfill the clients’ wishes in developing the island & to occupy it with one of the best 5 star resorts in the Maldives. The project contains 3 islands, all connected with overwater pathways, & is located about 45 minutes from the airport.

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Lusail Island P2

Lusail Island P2 – a three-leaf shaped island

The Hotel design has been inspired from the pattern’s nature reflected through the shape of the three-leaf itself and the harmonic distribution of the hotel rooms along with wooden passage overfloating organic river bringing back Asian reminiscence. The design concept of the island inspired by the veins as a part of the well-being of the human body, it passes like a major elevated vein through the entire island granting access to all villas through nature inspired bridges surrounded by natural exotic plants and an organic river.

Highness play’s a big role in constructing and designing

Greek Island – Mediterranean Inspired

This is an Architectural Design project for an Island development in Qatar. It is a product of the creative imagination of Highness Designers. The design inspiration of this island is Greek and Mediterranean. The Greek Mediterranean look is a decorating style that (as you might expect) tries to evoke the feel of homes in the Greek Islands. Traditionally, the Greeks prefer to spend their time on things other than decorating their homes and filling them with fancy things.

Highness consists of skilled personnel with a dedicated team of award-winning designers

Highness consists of skilled personnel with a dedicated team of award-winning designers

Highness Holding believes that the assets and success of every company is it’s People who shared and performed its goals, values and work philosophy. HH Team consist of skilled, talented and dedicated professionals with diverse cultural backgrounds that are all capable of taking the responsibility of designing and supervising all types of buildings and projects. HH continuously hire talented individuals who will be with us in our journey towards attaining our milestone, goal and aspirations to produced highvalued and world-class designs.

The Beauty of Ithaafushi Maldives

Doha Fishing Jetty - A crucial piece of a larger urban vision

Highness won the design competition featuring word-class natural extension of the public spaces and pedestrian networks within the area of corniche. This project is a joint venture between Highness Holdings and International Design and Consultant Company (IDCC) that won second place during the latest design competition held in the state of Qatar.

Lusail Island P3 – a Thai inspired resort

The Lusail Island which is located on the East Coast Center of Qatar just North of the Capital City of Doha.

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